When women talk about cancer today, they no longer treat cancer as something that can affect them. Women now treat cancer with an evasive attitude. There’s always the idea that if I am a good person, with a good conscious, I will not be affected by breast cancer. With this thought, they do not pay attention to information regarding breast cancer awareness. They prefer to remain in ignorance, turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear to the warnings that scientific research provides.

Scientific reports from around the world have found that the occurrences of malignant breast lesions have gradually increased. This upward trend leads to a higher death rate.  Women, over 1.2 million each year, are affected by breast malignancy; both mentally and physically. Over half a million of those women die of breast cancer in North America. This rate is at least four to five times higher than Asia’s breast cancer fatality rate.

In another research, benign tumors can stay in your body an average of twelve to six years before turning cancerous. This brings up a theory that it is not uncommon for breast cells to take a long time to change. There are pro’s and con’s for this circumstance. When women understand the importance of this information, they know that there will be plenty of time to act. With this time, they can find the appropriate solution for their case.

There are usually a couple of reasons regarding the formation of malignant breast tumors, genetics being one of the main factors. If there someone has a history of breast cancer in the family, the following generations will have a higher chance of encountering breast cancer.