Example 1

Diana,46 years old. Suffer form hot flash , night sweat, burning and dry

Vagina, as well as losing hair, acne in the face , low energy ,and low sex drive

For tow years. She has been taking many supplements, but the situation was

Not controlled well . After she used ZIZhu for 3 weeks, her overall situation

Was controlled. Vaginal dryness became better. Hot flashes  disappeared.

Even the ache disappeared. Patient is happy. And she keeps her dosage 2

Tablets in the morning,2 in the evening.

Example 2

Tiffany, 43 years old, Dry skin, trouble sleeping due to hot flashes. Thirsty

All the time, tired, low sex drive combined with dry vagina. She also had no

Appetite. High FSH in 3 day, late ovulation, irregular period. After taking

ZiZhu six weeks, her energy got much better, no hot flash at all. Follow up

For five months, basal body temperature chart became normal ,and period

Came again and on time.