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Purify your lungs from harmful air pollutants.

Directions: Take one (1) tablets two (2) times per day, preferably with a meal.

Note: Do not eat with wine, medicine, ice water, coffee.

983 in stock



BF Purity

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Chemical hazes of PM2.5 are composed of particles 10 times smaller than pollen and therefore are not seen by the naked eye. Breathing more than 60mcg of PM2.5 will cause many health problems. Currently in most of China’s urban areas, the PM2.5 levels in the air are higher than 200mcg. 60mcg of PM2.5 takes two weeks to leave the body. If such were inhaled at the amount daily,  the chemical would never leave your body. Inhalation of PM2.5 does not affect the body immediately so the chemical will accumulate and may cause cancer and lung diseases. The most effective way of removing PM2.5 from the body is taking herb supplements daily as well as using the cough and spit method to expel the chemical from your lungs. The formula for this supplement was made from a combination of different studies as well as experience. Our company researched to create a supplement that helps discharge PM2.5 as well as other pollutants that could damage your lungs.


1. Clearing your airway

2. Cleaning your alveoli

3. Reduce the accumulation of dust in your lungs

4. Reduce some of the effects of smoking on your lungs

5. Live in areas of lower quality air without sustaining severe lung damage

Note: For those that smoke more than five (5) cigarettes a day, please take four (4) tablets daily.



2.Pleurisy Root

3.Yerba Santa



6.Plantain Leaf


8.Osha Root



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