• Cleans and detoxifies blood
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Removes blood stasis and relieves stagnation
  • Softens hard lumps and dispels nodes
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Faidaway is a special herbal product that can help adjust physical functions, balance nutrient-secreting tissues, and energize cells inside the human body. Faidaway uses the finest herbal ingredients, produced by professional manufacturing techniques, and tested by high-tech scientific instruments. Faidaway can help promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, soften hard lumps, dispel nodes, subdue swelling, and remove mass. Made from pure natural Chinese herbal extracts, free of chemicals and preservatives. Supplement strictly follows GMP standards to guarantee quality. Ingredients: Peonyred (chi-shao), salvia (dan-shen), cyperus (xiang-fu), phellodendron (huang-bo), milettia (ji-zue-teng). Health benefits: Nourish the blood, cleans & detoxify blood, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and relieve stagnation. Soften hard lumps, dispel nodes, disperse blood stasis uterine, subdue swelling, remove masses, and prevent tumors. Supplement made in the USA using all natural herbs. Supplement allowed for use in the USA.


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