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Health Shield is developed to help women with mammary hyperplasia, tumors, and breast cancer.

Directions: Take two (2) capsules three (3) times per day, preferably with meal.

Note: Do not eat with wine, medicine, ice water, coffee.

500 in stock

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 Health Shield is a patented natural herbal supplement that is effective in giving greater control of mammary hyperplasia and can diminish erratic cell propagation systemically.    Health Shield was originally developed for preventive  for women with mammary hyperplasia, tumors, and breast cancer.

According to medical statistics, middle-aged women have the highest incidence in developing breast cancer while 3% of all women with mammary hyperplasia will eventually develop breast cancer. The mortality rate of breast cancer is significantly higher than mammary hyperplasia. Even though early life saving surgery can be done to excise tumors, women who go through with this procedure will still have to go through mental and physical stress during the healing process which can last a lifetime. According to traditional herbal medicine, the breast lump is the basis of breast cancer. Breast lumps can be caused by menstrual disorder, emotional frustration, depression, internal and emotion injury, accumulation of phlegm-dampness in the body, and depression of the hepatic activity which can develop into breast cancer. Pathologically, breast cancer is caused by endocrinopathy, disorder of the ovary functions, increased level of estrogen, and decreased level of progesterone.  Over production of estrogen not only stimulates the proliferation of mammary epithelial tissue cells but also causes the dilation of mammary ducts due to the formation of cysts that gradually transform into breast lumps which will eventually develop into breast cancer.

Health Shield is a safe, natural, and effective herbal supplement derive from traditional Herbs. It is able to increase the energy of the liver, regulate the flow of internal activity, promote the circulation of blood, and effectively eliminate detrimental factors being generated in the body. By doing so it will boost the body’s immune system, help the urinary system an liver function to detoxify, and regulate normal production of estrogen to prevent breast lumps that will develop into breast cancer.  Many women have benefitted from taking Health Shield supplement as an act of prevention or to help during the healing process. Give yourself a chance to try this great product.



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