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Helps children develop healthily.

Directions: Take one (1) capsule three (3) times per day, preferably with meal.

Note: Do not eat with wine, medicine, ice water, coffee.

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Schilderong is developed for children suffering from autism.

Schilderong(Longzhuwan) supplement can help children ages 5-12 to:

  1. Eliminate irritability
  2. Increase language speaking ability
  3. Strengthen concentration
  4. Enhance memory capacity
  5. Improve balance
  6. Increase appetite
  7. Improve physical fitness
  8. Help children grow up healthy. 

Schilderong is suitable for children ages 3-14 to take 4-6 capsules daily, serving during morning and evening. Before the age of 7, two serving per serving. After the age of 7, three capsules per serving. 


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