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Benefits Zizhu Pill can do for women:

1/Rejuvenate youth, enhance sexual desire and Vaginal dryness.

2/Prevent hair loss, enhance hair growth. Alleviate stress, eliminate hot temper.

3/Increase chances of pregnancy, prevent miscarriage.

4/Reduce menopause syndrome.

5/Guard against impetuosity, insomnia, and amnesia.

6/Prevent stiff joints and limbs.

Zizhu Tablet Ingredients:

1/ Fo-To stem (Ye-jiao-teng)

2/ Coix Seed (yi-yi-ren)

3/ Ligustrum (nv-zhen-zi)

4/ Rehmannia (shou-di)

5/ White Peony (bai-shao)

6/ Hoelen (fu-ling)

Zizhu Pill is not Hormone:

Zizhu is not a hormonal supplement. It is made of natural herbs that are investigated and allowed to use in U.S.A. It is composed of the most essential nutritional ingredients in regulating and improving women’s health.Repair the house before it rains is always the best strategy to ensure a good quality
of life. To maintain a well-being endocrine system is the best way to eradicate the scourge of diseases. Zizhu has all the answers. The carefully chosen composition of Zizhu nurtures women by improving systemic blood circulation, nourishing organs, and balancing metabolism. it brings every woman a radiant appearance and great confidnce
at work and life.

History of Zizhu Tablet:

It was researched based on ancient Zizhu by Beijen National Chinese Medicinal Research Institute during 1981-1995. After several clinical trials, it was formulated to eliminate the redundant and side effects. In addition, the strict quality control and advanced technology ensure the product more suitable to use for modern women with different types of physiques.

Mechanism of Zizhu Tablet:

Zizhu is neither a hormonal supplement nor an endocrine therapy to prevent women’s diseases, it entirely relied on the nature herbal knowledge and clinical experiences of Chinese herbal medicine to extend the life span and quality of life for those queens and princesses the original formula has been used for more than two thousand years to shine and nurture women in Chinese history. It was now made to maximize the bioavailability by carefully formulated and thoroughly chosen Chinese medicinal herbs.

Zizhu Tablet nurtures and regulates women by:

1. Improve blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and prevent uterine cramps and ovary
2. Restore full function of ovary. It does not only stimulate the hormone secretion of
ovary but also maintain hormone balance throughout the body.

Successful Stories:

Case 1. Christina, 30 years old from Santa Ana could not get pregnant for couple
years. After taking Zizhu for 6 months, she had normal period and had a boy right now.

Case 2. Rosa, 45 years old from Tustin, constantly depressed and felt cold at feet and
hands for years. By taking Zizhu for a month, her blood circulation was improved so
that there was no more cold feet. In addition, her mood swing was gone so that she
was more efficient at work and life.

Case 3. Cay, 73 years old, experienced joint pin, insomnia, and dry mouth for years.
After taking Zizhu for 3 months. She is now pain free and can sleep through the night.

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