1. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express
  2. We also accept PayPal.

Terms of Payment

Credit Card Purchases

  1. Please provide the billing address and phone number. Address and phone number provided must be registered by the issuing bank address and phone number. Information error may delay the processing of your order.
  2. We do not charge any credit card service fees
  3. If it is an international credit card order, please fill out the credit card authorization form and fax it to 1-909-718-0131. We will only process your order once we received your signed authorization form.
  4. You can rest assured that your personal and account information is safe at e-Herbsfield.com. We use the latest 128-bit encryption technology on the site to guard personal information.

PayPal Payment

  1. If you use PayPal prior to shipment, payment will be charged to your account.
  2. The order’s delivery address will be the PayPal’s verified address. If you live in a country with this option, please check you PayPal account and confirm that your delivery address is your verified address.
  3. If you use PayPal, the billing process through encrypted secure connection, you can immediately connect to the PayPal website.  First on the PayPal website you need to complete your transaction, and then go back to the e-Herbsfield.com settlement procedure to you complete your order.