Hyperplasia and breast lumps are very common in women, it can be said that 80% -90% of women have varying degrees of breast lumps; they just don’t notice it. Many women believe that if the breast lump is not tumor, it will cause them no harm. They are not aware of the harm hyperplasia can cause, and therefore will not care about maintaining their breast should they find lumps. For women, breast care is indispensable.

Chinese herbs will help alleviate the root of the abnormality.  There are many causes of breast lumps. They can include, but are not limited to: liver problems, mood swings, genetic mutation, radioactive substances, long term use of hormone products, etc.  Some studies show that breast lumps are often linked with working at night. Disrupting our internal circadian biological clocks can increase the risk of breast lumps by 60%. According to British researchers, an intake of over 8 grams of alcohol a day will also increase the risk of breast lumps by 6%.