Breasts are aesthetically pleasing, as well as a symbol of self-confidence in United States. Women should not stop at having beautiful breasts. Breasts have their own vulnerabilities, such as hyperplasia, tumors, mutations, etc.  Tumors are very common; however 3% of all tumors can turn malignant. The mortality rate of malignant tumors is greater than any other gynecological diseases.  With early detection, surgery can be used.  It will save lives, but there will also be irreparable loss and regret. The best way to prevent this is to have a proactive approach. With attention and care, it is possible to prevent breast cancer from happening.

According to western doctors, breast disease is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, ovarian dysfunction, estrogen surge, and progesterone relative diseases. An excess of female hormones stimulate breast epithelial cell line proliferation. This leads to breast duct dilatation, which causes cysts. This leads to a disruption in tumor formation creating malignant tumors. There many corroborated reports.

Traditional Chinese doctors believe that physical and mental discomfort, irregular menstruation, liver problems, phlegm, and poor blood circulation are some of the causes of breast lumps.

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